At DigitalNext UAE we are happy to announce our strategic digital partnership with the locally owned Abu Dhabi Shipping Agency L.L.C (ADSA).

ADSA’s core business is shipping and linear agency, the company has been in the local market (UAE) for more that 40 years and is also represented across the international market place.

Their established liner agency services, is accomplished by their multi- language employees and high quality ensured services, and we at DigitalNext UAE are proud to have a partnership with a recognized and established company like ADSA.

DigitalNext UAE has in their partnership with ADSA launched their new Spectrum website, Phase1, which is now complete and live.

Through the upgraded customized website, the core focus has been to reflect and enhance their new brand identity, with an UX layout that has made it easier for clients to discover the company’s core strength and making it easier for the customers to connect with the team represented at ADSA.

We at DigitalNext UAE believe in long term customer relationship and partnership to ensure the best outcome and results for our partners.  Through our high quality ensured services, we work to understand the core strengths of our partner’s business as well as their future strategies.

More integrations and development will be in Phase 2, this will be conducted throughout the second half of 2018.

Our new long term partnership’s strategy is to work for ADSA across all the multi-channel digital marketing channels, such as Google, Facebook ect. This will generate an all across integration system to provide ADSA the right tools and results to improve and enhance their online presence. We will be working to ensure ADSA will be ahead of the competition on Google, with our leading SEO and Pay Per Click ability with our premier partner qualified team.

The results of our work at DigitalNext UAE will reflect ADSA’s competitive leading level, within and outside the world wide web.

At DigitalNext UAE our all across integration system is provided by our highly trained team, through data collection the multi marketing channels for ADSA will be targeted to the right customer group for their business.

This will enhance their online presence and increase traffic and generate new clients. Then, first and foremost, we will be working to ensure they dominate on Google ahead of all competition with our leading SEO work and Pay Per Click Adwords ability with our premier partner qualified team, the data collected by the team will also assist ADSA to maintain and retain current customers to increase customer loyalty.

DigitalNext UAE is excited for this new partnership to grow and develop together with the online presence and performance of ADSA.

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