As we end another successful year at Digital Next, it’s time to reflect on just how much has happened during 2016, and how we plan to progress over the next year. As co-founder of Digital Next, I have seen the team go from strength to strength in order to continue to provide results that speak for themselves.

As a digital marketing agency, we are constantly looking for new ways to be innovative and creative to push the boundaries. With a strong emphasis placed on the importance of having an online presence, Digital Next has had an impressive year which will no doubt continue into 2017 as we look towards our focus on the future.

With that being said, here are the biggest highlights of our 2016!

New heights

An investment from Scott Fletcher MBE, founder of ANS group and tech entrepreneur meant we were able to move to the next level in attracting quality clients and focusing our efforts on expanding further.

This investment means that we now have the resources to progress, as well as to demonstrate that we are a reputable agency, not only in the North West, but across the country. Together with a new finance team to take us strongly into the future, we have a solid focus for the new year that allows us to build on our foundations even further.

Continuous client success

With a strong team here at Digital Next, we have stepped up our game in delivering results for clients, both local and global. With added PR exposure for clients and countless web development projects now live, including, Sudlows and Godel Technologies, in fact, this year has been a great break through year for us working on larger brands, one in particular being the best known tech brand in the world! We have also gained big recurring client revenue to take us into a positive new year, including some large scale search projects already underway!

We are firmly positioned now to take on large brands and service them with top class multi channel marketing, backed up with solid web development services.

Growing stronger as an integrated Search agency, we regularly innovate our service offering to ensure we are always improving and becoming industry-leaders. Revolutionising our Search offering, with a team of experts, we continue to bring huge benefits and support to our clients through creative campaigns. In the run up to Christmas we achieved some amazing results on our multi channel campaigns leading to increased revenue of 120% for some of our retail customers!

“2016 has been a great year for search and Digital Next. The technical delivery of our campaigns has paid dividends for our clients. We saw increased performance from each notable update this year across all of our clients, which is a testament to our staff from account managers & link builders to content writers.

I think 2017 will bring us some fresh challenges, especially in the form of mobile-first rankings and updates which will really keep us on our toes. When this update hits, if you’re not ready, then you will be left behind.”

– Gary Douglas, Head of Search

Going down under


Something you may not know is that we have our very own Digital Next team over in Melbourne, Australia, and we have seen some impressive progression throughout 2016. The Australia team has expanded incredibly over this year, with a promising future in 2017 for even bigger opportunities.

Our office in Australia is now standing on its own two feet very comfortably, with the prospect of a huge drive for more success in the upcoming year.

Becoming Google Premier Partners


One of our biggest accomplishments from 2016 is becoming a Google Premier Partner. Proving that we have demonstrated great skill within AdWords in regards to client revenue growth and a sustained client base, our Paid Search team now have the resources to push on for an even bigger 2017.
Our Paid Search team have advanced knowledge in AdWords, meaning the value we can bring to clients is priceless.

London’s calling…

Digital Next’s partnerships are beginning to show real promise, with the foundation for partnerships in London now well underway.

So, what about 2017?

With a huge focus on the year ahead, the team at Digital Next are fired up and ready for another exciting 12 months. With a new website and branding ready for release in 2017, Digital Next are rebranding to provide a fresh outlook and a new drive for success; keep your eyes peeled!

Building on previous success, we have had a transformation of our Content & Outreach teams in order to move towards a more varied production of material which will unfold as 2017 advances.

“2016 has been a massive year for the Outreach department, we have expanded the team to strengthen key areas. Working alongside the content and SEO teams we have delivered some fantastic campaigns – boosting our client’s visibility online. “

– Rob Slater, Head of Outreach

With the set-up of a promising Social Media team, 2017 is where we’ll see our social offering really come into its own in order to provide another aspect of our integrated services. Continuing to create exciting campaigns for clients across a number of industries, Social is a service we are looking forward to taking on.

What is possibly most exciting, however, is our focused approach for sector-specific clients in the new year. Looking for long term digital partners, Digital Next are planning to dive into the legal and tech industries, to name a few.

Digital Next Awards

What would a year in review be without the announcement of the office awards? As always, the team have voted for colleagues who have particularly stood out over the last 12 months. Drum roll…

  • Employee of the Year – Jess Jones
  • Department of the Year – Paid Search
  • Best Newcomer – Emma Nolan
  • No1 Brew Maker – Oli Southward
  • Best Dressed – Ganella Fiata
  • Comedian of the Year – Chris Tipper, Andy Holt, Tom Glover
  • Behind the Scenes Award – VJ
  • Rising Star of the Year – Emma Nolan
  • Work Husband & Wife – Ganella Fiata & Paul Fitzpatrick
  • Office Legend – Oli Southward

To finish off what’s been a brilliant year, I’d just like to thank the team for going above and beyond at all costs, and here’s to an incredible 2017!

Finally, I would just like to congratulate our client from day one, outstanding branding on launching in the USA and other territories globally. Andy Thorne has been a hugely loyal client and friend all the way along this journey, long may that continue! Worthy note of what a long standing and continued partnership in business can bring!


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