E-Commerce With Magento

Generate effective and affordable sales with E-Commerce

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Selling online is just like selling in a store. You need to make sure that your products are well advertised, your customers feel at ease, and that your brand is identifiable.

But, as your online shop isn’t bound by regular trading hours or a number of customers walk through your doors, your E-Commerce site can sell to your customers literally as you sleep.

How can Digital Next help?

Selling online helps you reach a larger customer base for a cost effective price. The Digital Next E-Commerce web design service allows your products and services to adapt, and evolve in an ever-changing marketplace.

We offer two software packages for different sorts of business:

For small businesses we recommend WooCommerce, a simple and adaptable website management service which allows you to take the reins easily.

And, for large businesses, we recommend the immensely powerful Magento which will allow your business to sell on a far greater scale but with added complexity.

Is this service right for you?

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing, Redefined...

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Adam White - Sedulo

Digital Next helped take our website from a platform with little to no traction to one that works for us and generates business. The DN team have been a key figure in our ventures into SEO, PPC, content, social and more, and will be for many years to come.